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Welcome To The Exotic World Of The Beans
I know even as your staring at me, the Kean Bean, in the middle of the "Bean 3-Way Hold Up", Your wondering "What in gods name is this site about" and also wondering "What the hells a bean". When i tell someone that I'm a bean they always give me that questioning malicious glance, so now I am making this site to finally explain to everyone what the word bean means. Bean can mean alot of things, but to us "The Beans" its a family. Its a group of people that are the closest of friends. Were all alike, and at the same time each and everyone different. Each bean has a name and certain traits that make them special, but either way we all call eachother by one title...and that Bean...
Bean Updates
Well if you were wondering what the hell this thing was, I'll explain. This is where I will add bean updates, like activities, updates on the site, events and other crap. If you are wondering if the site was updated or if the beans had a gathering and there will be a massive picture upload, then look here!

3/12/03 Its been a while since the last update. We are trying to rebuild the site with better pics and more info. Any suggestions can be emailed to or

10/26/02 Added more stuff. What I changed was the order of the pages. I also need pics of other beans so if any of you are reading this, send it to or Im me at Kain192

10/26/02 Another update added...this time I changed all the stupid Comments and put banal mundane ones. Also changed the front pic and added pictures here and there.

10/18/02 Alright, I finally made an update. Yeah its been a few months, oh well. Its worth it =D

6/12/02 finally ended today in miami florida!

6/12/02    Started up the bean site...It might be ugly now but I'll remake it on another page maker.

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