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Lenny AKA "Kean Bean"
Hey, My names leonardo but most people call me Lenny. I'm 5'7'', 5'8''. I have hazel eyes with seeds of green sometimes, and dirty blond hair in a fade. I am an active one, and I live Within the beautiful Miami florida. My life involves massive practices of wrestling, soccer, soon to be volleyball, Airsoft tactics and swat simulations (err...don't ask) and roleplaying to take away all the stress. I'm always busy, well it seems like it and always have my days planned out. If I'm not doing any of the above then I'm probably practicing sword fighting attacks and other things seeing I work at the Medival Times and Fair doing swordfights and plays. My background is hispanic even though I don't look like it and can only understand it, not speak it. I was born within California LA

The History Behind The Beans
Depending on the topic of my site, I could include historical information about my subject. For example, if my site is about my business, I could discuss how my business got started. If my site is about a sports team, music group, movie star, or my family, I could chronologically list or summarize major events important to my topic.

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